I am always on a lookout for what’s in & what’s out, primarily in the business arena. Though it will take the dexterity and finesse of a pro, still my thirst to find something in nothing won’t go away that easy. I won’t deny at this point that the idea of Twitter“ing” is just very addictive. But on the hindsight if you think about it, internet is nowadays so open that for a web onlooker like me memes, hiakus & tinyurl’s is all that matters to start off a conversation.

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“Conversation” or you can say dialogue (remember DI-alogue) is the power of two. Bearing the fact that once upon a time, it used to be just TV who was the sole bearer of ideas. Now the power has shifted and now every marketer knows the fact. Infact, the reason TV used to work tremendously well for quite some time was because that was new then and it touched people in a way which they could never have imagined. Now it’s not so. The only reason that could be cited is due to more choices and less time. So the most obvious thing that consumers can do is to just ignore you (No wonder there are so many new product launch failures..approx 95%).

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So then the whole Web 2.0 emerged. It’s not at all that having a web presence will solve all the problems, but definitely it will help people to talk about you at the end of the day. Now, in the post PC era, companies which let its customers talk about itself makes “Meaning beyond Money”. That is power of conversation.

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And talking about conversation in Web 2.0, its not all about blogs, wikis etc. It’s more about new emerging micro-trends like Twitter, Jaiku‘s, Truemors etc which are having a very significant & influential impact, even in business and the way your customers talk about you.

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So at the end of it all, if you scroll down to that moment when you talk about customer touch points, think about this for a while. The latest cool thing for customers are memes, haikus and all those million tinyurl’s which float in this vast web because now the customers can talk, share, criticize, spread the word about you.

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