What it means to go digital? Is it another B.S.O.S (Bright and Shiny Objects Syndrome) which the industry guys just love to latch on. Part of my statement is due to the fact that most of the executions are not that new. They are the same old crap wrapped in neat packages.

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Almost all the companies in the world, starting from emerging markets like India to developed nations like US have some kind of presence in web. But the point is how much importance do the top honchos give to this new system of distribution and connection with the customers where the long tail concept is very evidential.

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Specially talking about emerging markets like India, the Long Tail concept loses it bastion which it enjoys in western countries in most of the product categories. So when does a company think digital in emerging markets? By and large, most of the activities related to engaging the customers are very conventional in terms of communicating with the customers.

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Some of the major road blocks in the way to go digital are lack of awareness of the potential of internet (both in terms of scale as well as reach), low awareness about how internet marketing works at multi-stage level and last but not least resistance to try out new things. Still over the couple of years, internet has gathered some critical mass (at least you can see that in everyday newspapers).So when and how do we exactly start off doing digital….

  • Traditional + Digital = Effective customer engagement: A right blend of both traditional marketing and digital marketing is what is required now. Since the customers are habitual of the usual touchpoints, so going totally digital won’t solve the problem. But using technology to co-create newer touchpoints can surely engage your customers in a varied level.
  • Proliferation of newer Technologies: Every month, near about a million cell phone users get added up in India. Whoa!! Thats a huge figure. So getting access to new technologies to engage the customers have increased. But the pace at which the customers have accepted these newer technologies is not at the same rate that of the companies. So try using it to nudge your customer’s expectation but bearing the fact that it should not be an interrupting proposition.
  • Exciting those senses:Digital marketing has the power to excite our senses like sight, sound and motion (SiSoMo).Now think about your customers who have always been fed with monologue communication process. This will definitely excite them and make them think about you in this media cluttered environment.
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This is the crux of the post. Though there can be other ways too to reach customers and engage them. So any thoughts from your side….

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