Moments back, a friend told me about emerging technology trends and its repercussions on us. So where are we going exactly? 3 trends that have followed suit while we were sleeping 🙂 all this while were:

  1. Moore’s Law which states that number of transistors on a chip doubles every after two years. Which means in a simple layman’s term that we will see a lot of happenings in tech space (more in hardware though), but also somehow connected to software by and large.
  2. Data,Data everywhere: The second noteworthy thing is proliferation of data as suggested by Forrester Research which talks mostly about how the volume of the world’s data doubles approximately every three years.
  3. Third but lastly, the human element. More and more, in the post PC era (started with iPods,Zunes,iPhones etc), we are getting more and more techno savvy. So dilution of technology is at its prime and least amount of resistance is coming from consumers.
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So, the picture seems perfect. Or we may say it seems like a happy communion of ever growing data with fitting technology to collect,hold & distribute it and at the end of it acceptance by man. So the future seems right, isn’t it? Or it is just a small blip in the long tail of B.S.O.S. (Bright and Shiny Objects Syndrome).

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