Ever wondered about why your customers are getting weary about your ad messages day by day. Now Nielsen did a global survey<download pdf> about which advertising platforms in use today is most effective in terms of generating “Trust” from consumers.

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What emerged from this survey is quite interesting. I won’t go much into the details (you better download the article) but one thing is of prime importance than everything else- Word of Mouth.

Meanwhile, I will give some of the most important and revealing truths about traditional media. Check it out for yourself; then you can decide whether your last advertising budget should have gone to better places.

  • 18%: Proportion of TV advertising campaigns generating positive ROI
  • 54 cents: Average return in sales for every $1 spent on advertising
  • 256%: The increase in TV advertising costs (CPM) in the past decade
  • 84%: Proportion of B2B marketing campaigns resulting in falling sales
  • 100%: The increase needed in advertising spend to add 1-2% in sales
  • 14%: Proportion of people who trust advertising information
  • 90%: Proportion of people who can skip TV ads who do skip TV ads
  • 80%: Market share of video recorders with ad skipping technology in 2008
  • 95%: The failure rate for new product introductions
  • 117: The number of prime time TV spots in 2002 needed to reach 80% of adult population – up from just 3 in 1965
  • 3000: Number of advertising messages people are exposed to per day
  • 56%: Proportion of people who avoid buying products from companies who they think advertise too much
  • 65%: Proportion of people who believe that they are constantly bombarded with too much advertising
  • 69%: Proportion of people interested in technology or devices that enable them to skip or block advertising
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Source: Justin Kirby & Paul Marsden (2006). Connected marketing. Oxford, UK: Butterworth-Heinemann. xix

So based on these hard data, everything boils down to two important questions:

  1. How are you going to engage your customers?
  2. How are you going to deliver good customer experiences consistently?
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