As year 2007 is coming to its end, I sat back and tried to scribble some thoughts about what I did & learn this year as a marketer, a social being and more importantly as a human being. So here are the 5 most important things I learnt in 2007 (in random order):

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#1. I started my blog which helped me not only in jotting down random thoughts about marketing and life par se but also these thoughts are now present as an online journal. I can look back at those reflections whenever I want to. In the process, I got some applause as well as criticism. Thanks a ton to everyone for those comments too.

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#2. I became more active in Social Media (apart from my single a/c in orkut). Now I have active accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,AdGabber, SlideShare, StumpleUpon, Digg, etc to name a few. These associations helped me to understand Marketing in a whole new way.

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#3. In this process, I joined as well as promoted some social causes like “Cause a Ripple” (which is still in my weblog) to “Stop Global Warming” (in my Facebook Profile) to name a few. It helped me realize that as social human beings it’s our duty to give something back to our future Gen (though in a small way) as well as our Mother Earth.

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#4. Network of Associations: This year I have networked with people whom I know from distant past as well as with people from some social networking sites. This has helped me to learn a lot from small snippets to large gimmicks. Thanks to Twitter as well as to those bloggers (a long list actually) by and large.

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#5. Year 2007 has been quite fulfilling in terms of amount of quality books that I read (Posted earlier in my blog). All in all, I read something about 15 odd books which were not only insightful but also quite heart rendering at times.

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So for me year 2007 has been quite enriching in terms of learning, networking as well as my long term desire of philanthropy (in small measure though). So I hope year 2008 also brings the same – not only for me but all my blog readers as well as those who are going to read it in the near future. So, all my well wishes from my side for year 2008.

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So what about you in 2007? Did you had a good year?

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