Now this might be interesting (I suppose). Most often my posts are targeted towards those who are marketers, “wana be marketers” or sometimes those who just want to have an experience pertaining to anything which internet has to offer. But have you ever given a thought to this- “Blogging (with Capital B) as an industry”. Now that’s what Jeremiah Owyang says in one of his posts.

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Now I just can’t help thinking that Oh hell ya it is!! Isn’t it? It has all the necessary ingredients which a proverbial industry needs – Sellers, buyers, advertisers, platform, revenue model, media, celebrities, personalities, trends and blah blah.
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So where are we now…? Reality check for many and Status Quo for some. There is one tiny winy problem to that. Remember big brothers- The Search Engine Behemoths!!

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Now a lot of traffic is driven to blogs due to search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSFT’s Live etc. Now without proper gate pass, most of the blogs die out or aptly phase out just like that. Hence, emergence of SEO took place which thrives more or less on the search side of the human world. Now there’s nothing wrong with it, though!!

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Still the question remains whether Blogging has matured to be called as an industry? Now, to measure any industry’s competence as well as incompetence, availability of information is the most important parameter. But when that amount of information is not available (considering SE like Google’s robot i.e. spider crawler doesn’t index a page, then it’s not easily available to many). So information is somewhat obscure in terms of availability. But some will definitely thrive as information & media is shifting to more niche zones.

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So by and large, I believe that Blogging can be thought of as an industry; still it will take a much larger mass appeal as well as reach to gauge its industry status.

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