Advertising has gone to places where no one could ever think off (starting from television-outdoor-internet…). You see them everywhere, I mean every-damn-where. Some time back, in a very bold move, Sao Paulo’s mayor banned all sorts of outdoor/billboard advertising campaigns as a part of the “Clean City” law. That of course puts a lot of pressure for those hard nosed marketers as they are trying to cope up with the situation (Thanks to Geeta Saini & Jinal Shah of Influential Marketing Blog fame and photographer & typographer Tony de Marco for this piece of info).

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So we have a situation in hand. Most of the developed nations including US in some states has banned billboards as part of saving the natural beauty as it causes a lot of “Visual Pollution“. Think about it a bit?

What if one fine morning your country or your state comes up with some law like this? Then is it that most outdoor advertisers/marketers will be out of their job? No I don’t think so. Obviously they will come up with some new way of promotion, but the questions remains that is it possible that a complete harmony or coherence can be developed between these two sects of people – one of course the environmentalists & the other being evangelist marketers!!

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Some of the strategies which neo marketers/advertising whiz’s can put to use are-

  • Mobile billboard advertising (Thanks Abhishek) – Yeah, it’s moving, dynamic ads – by & large ads to your doorsteps. Also in these sorts of ads, creativity is often appreciated. So WOMM is inevitable (though caution is necessary as it often may lead to commoditized ad campaign).Here are some of the few chosen alternate advertising campaigns. Have a look at the pictures.
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