The million dollar question in the web 2.0 era is why users create content online (as web 2.0 is driven by user generated content)? Now of course, consulting giant Mckinsey came with a research work some time back. The reasoning they put forward pertains to one of the most inner desired instincts i.e. The hunger of Fame!!
So is the cat being set among the pigeons? Now as everything in this world has its flip side aspects to it, so does this statement too have one? I believe there is. Now for an amateur user, what forces him to press the content development button…!!

Now some free drinks for those who have hit the chord. Yeah, Fame is one of the reasons though, but originality & relevance of the very content is one of the most important aspects to be “Famed*.

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That’s why time & again, we have heard three notions which will drive your fame status to its prime i.e. Originality, Innovative (sometimes viral) idea and Focus. Now these three will definitely drive your content to those parts which you never imagined.

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So all in all, Fame is just one side of the story whereas to be famed, you need all those three factors to carry you forward. Now do we see circle being completed? Oh hell yeah, I guess!!

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