Now this is something which I will aptly called “Weird”. Though most of us will refrain from calling us by that name. But I am sure most of us have and will observe something like this.

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No, I am not keeping the mystery unfolded for a long time. I will definitely pull the rabbit out of the hat. Actually it’s quite interesting to see how many people mark or highlight some lines of books while reading. The other day I was going through a book by Tom Peters named “The pursuit of Wow!“. Now thats what I call quenching your thirst in some form. But it’s amazing to find out people marking some lines or paragraphs in the book (even though that it not right if you are taking books from the library). Still people won’t chuck this small little habit. Yikes I must say…!!!

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Oh I must tell you the lines which I saw marked in the book. Thats interesting actually.

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“…and I’m struck by how timid most people are in fending off staleness.”

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Though there were more lines like these which I see marked abrubtly in nearly every book which I get from some library. Now whenever I see those lines marked I’m halted in my reading to understand more deeply what it is trying to convey. As if the lines remarkably stand out from other words that I have read before.

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Now trying to understand why some people do this, I am again taken to the age old mystery about “why we do, what we do”. Now one of the main reason for every individual has been to stand out in the crowd. So when we mark something in the book which will definitely go in someone else’s hand will make us different (though that person is not in the picture). The fundamental thing remains the same. We, human beings are born marketers. We like to tell stories about us, about how we feel & so on and so forth. So those little lines tell about the person what he is…!! Eventually though that doesn’t matter still it feels different, isn’t it?

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By the way have anyone thought of marketing (since some marketers talk about “Permission Marketing“) through those marked lines. For example, spreading some mysterious facts about some company or brands or for that matter “You”.

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Try it, it’s exciting I must say (although creativity should be yours).

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