My last week’s traveling got better of me, I guess 🙁 . Now I am in my bed coughing and sneezing. Though I suffered from another kind of syndrome which is not too much prevalent in the medical books. It’s called “Blog Guilt“, since I could not post much last week. My sickness by and large is making an impact on the blog posts. So please bear with me, if I am not able to post as such in this week.

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Still, while in my bed with all the medication (yikes) with me, I do keep myself hooked into internet to keep those mails and information flowing. Some may ask, why am I then posting in this condition?

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Though, the answer could have been any smart pant types, but I will give the truer one. First of all, we have heard and read a lot about Google and its sister concerns, though not refraining from privacy issues. So just wanted to share some information with you folks. Nothing much; at least in this post, no amount of great research is required for which I have to use my grey matter.

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So, continuing with the topic, how much do u think Google knows about you. I will give you certain clues.

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And not forgetting, everyday Google is coming out with newer products which will be well entrenched into our day to day activities (Think Android).

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So at the end of it all, Google (our next door internet friend) knows a hell lot about us. So until it acts as “Big brother“, we are more than happy to welcome since the word that follows Google is FREE..FREE…FREE!!!

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