I have mentioned in my previous posts about two likelihoods- one on “Mass Advertising being dead” and the other being that online ads should be revamped to make it more user friendly in the context of Advertisement 2.0.

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Now yesterday, Facebook came with an official press release of their Facebook ads. By and large, those ads are targeted at the members using their profile data pertaining to demographics in three parts according to TechCrunch.

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Now that’s ok for me. But is something more to it there? Now it seems that Facebook wants to market my brand preference, social networking, Web 2.0, websitess (though taking my own permission) according to nytimes (link). I will explain how!!

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Literally, they want to put your face on the ads for the products that you like or your friends in your profile likes. Now am I missing the line here between privacy and social networking? Actually, yesterday they began showing ads with profile pics next to the advertisements for the products which their friends like or purchased before. So one sunday morning some of my friends will see me beside a commercial message which tries to sell them something which i liked or would like to have since I have a opinion on that brand. Now these hard data comes from the profile info we all have given to them.

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Now according to Facebook, they are in charge of it having access to these sort of information and not the advertisers. Interestingly, this news broke out just a few days after F.T.C. (Federal Trade Commission) came out with a hearing on online privacy and customized ads.

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Still not taking the credit away from Mark Zuckerberg (CEO- Facebook), the idea of using more interactive or rather the concept of using “social ads” is pretty kool as in they make direct emotional attachment with the users. As he says nothing influences than the recommendation of a trusted friend.

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So as of now, I believe Facebook is going to bring a lot of tremors in the online business world. So check out the space for more info in the near future.

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