Few weeks back, my friend Bozo told me that he bought a new shirt from Peter England (Do check this interactive site, quite interesting I must say). Though this won’t hit the headlines for sure, still it did helped me to write this post in “Eureka Bar“.

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I observed an interesting narrative in Peter England (an apparel brand in India) shirts’ packaging which tells us more about how the brand came into existence with “Peter England Story”. This piece of simplistic marketing effort goes beyond the traditional capitalist overture.

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Now product backstories is not new in the consumer centric markets. It has been there for ages. But now its importance is very well understood. If we dig deep, we will understand that product back stories have more potential than just from societal point of view. It’s more on a cultural basis where you are trying to engage your customers with your product.

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The backstories run deep inside the human psyche and forms an emotional bond. Now as far as I am concerned, I believe that backstories generate better Word-of-Mouth as people are more thrilled to know about where the product came from, how is it made etc. Nowadays marketing efforts are concentrating more on benefits, creating demand or focusing on attributes. So marketing companies’ backstories become all the more important in this case.

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The real lesson is “Simplicity in Marketing”. Nowadays customers know that “You are Marketing” so simplicity becomes all the more imperative to break through the clutter. Basically no one adapts marketing which is simple and at the end of it all, it just gets ignored. But, simple stories are easier to pass along as they respect their audience by not wasting their time.

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At least in this case, an Indian brand has taken to this concept of selling through Simplistic Marketing.

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