Mass media is fragmented. We have heard this umpteen times. Haven’t we? Now when the forefathers of media saw a new trend called Web 2.0, their heart must be filled with joy. But I am sorry to be a party popper. Even Social Media (the very backbone of Web 2.0) is getting fragmented. Think about any ripple effect (in terms of reuse & misuse of information) you saw last time in the world of commerce. Won’t you ask me the question, why I made a bold statement like that?

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I will definitely answer it. But let’s see, if you have got the clue. I will give a hint to that. The ripple (each time content is developed & distributed) effect of social media is very much available in any other good site (if you consider this site to be a good blog, then definitely this site is also affected). Ok, enough of beating around the bush, I will let you know what’s happening here with an example….

Hypothetical Example
– An important news broke out in WSJ today in the morning and an influential blogger wrote a thing or two in his/her blog. Now as we all know, good content in internet is like chocolate & wine served in a platter which anyone can enjoy without much restriction. So an anonymous blogger wrote about it and the true essence of the information may get lost in between. Adding to it, some social network-ers promoted it as more infotainment rather than information-content. Also, we can’t forget the power of individual emails etc.

So by & large, larger ripples are fewer in number but greater in reach & smaller ripples are greater in number but smaller in reach and more targeted.

So the next question should be what should be done? I say nothing. That’s the beauty of internet -Information distribution beyond boundaries & restrictions. And that’s where the distinction lies between mainstream media & Social media. In mainstream, content is unidirectional whereas social media’s content has dual direction (i.e. content creator & content user is on the same platform). Actually, with new content added in different apps, the credibility is giving place to distributive power of “e” (internet) where targeted population is receiving it the way they wanted it to be.

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So no hassles. And I guess, now the forefathers can go ahead and enjoy their usual drinks. Cheers…!!!

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