Some time back, I stumbled upon a news report of MSNBC saying that many Europeans are choosing internet over TV. And by and large, the same trend follows across the world. It’s as if we are bored of that stupid idiot box. Actually it doesn’t bring dynamism to our thinking anymore (Crap basically). So most of us are turning towards digital media via internet.

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But one question lurks in my mind seeing the news which obviously pertains to our marketing brotherhood. What has this news to do with marketers, you may ask. I believe it has!!

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The word for it is Advertising. Now that’s not the only story. Companies, time and again have had engaged, delighted, excited their customers (mostly targeted ones) in different segments, be it product or services alike through this medium.

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Now the customers range from toddlers to “Silver surfers”. Now that’s what I call reach or aptly call it the “Power of e”.

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Now, I will leave you with three most interesting sites for this week as you guys are smart enough to understand where we all are heading.

  • Themallplus : An interesting online retailing site which can keep you on your toes and you may end up buying something.
  • Thepoint : The Point is a social platform for people to solve problems which they can’t solve alone. Bye-bye NGO’s.
  • Indeed : A job search engine with a twist. Fiddle around a bit and you will know the difference.
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