Hyper-connected world has become more of a cliché I must say. But I believe the real makeover in terms of globalization began much during the tech crash & burn times when zillions of clueless money was pumped into the so called fiber optic cables which connected a Mestizo with a Han. Now I call it clueless because they never realized then the new world of facebookers or twitterhommies of today will connect seamlessly with just a simple piece of wire.

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So where are we now? In an instant we are becoming the latest actors (thanks to YouTube), writers (thanks to blogs), avatars (thanks to SecondLife) and last but not least RJ’s (thanks to podcasts) and many more to come.

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So when I put my little bit of thinking into it, all I came out with is 5 ideas which you will hate to miss in the new world of interconnected homo sapiens who can do more.

  1. Letter ‘i’ turning out to be a word– Yeah thats true. After sometime I am sure Oxford will publish letter ‘i’ as a word (pun intended). This new age of information flow is creating a new economy as a whole. Aptly it can be called as “Attention Economy“. Nowadays even products are coming with the ubiquitous ‘i’ like iGoogle, iPhone, iPod, stressing much importance to you. The very you who forms the contours of this hyper-connected mesh.
  2. Tulip ManiaTulip mania refers to any large economic bubble. Now most people believe that after dot-com burst, yet another bubble is on the way which was paved on 9th Oct,2006 when Google bought YouTube. Actually that’s when every person with an inevitable thirst saw fresh dollar bills in their eyes with the whole web 2.0. Now with tons of new sites joining the race again, so aren’t we heading for the wall again. Actually the point is as more & more are joining the bandwagon, less value is being created.
  3. Personal Media– Now how can we forget the Big Brother in between i.e. the mainstream media. Yeah, they have also come of age as more and more value creation and addition is happening in tandem with more user interfacing (think Ohmynews). Actually hyper-connectivity creates value added information at the corner of the adoption diffusion model. E.g. Bloggers.
  4. The Short Tail of Web2ness i.e. web 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5….so on & so forth– Now Chris Anderson (of the Long Tail fame) has got it right. And the whole inter-connectivity through latest buzzwords like web 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 is creating lesser and lesser value because of too much information clutter.
  5. Information overloadLast but not least, all the information that is available is getting distributed in a very randomly and uneven fashion. E.g. when one blogger writes something about a topic, other bloggers are like honey bees wandering around. So real and true information gets scattered most of the time. So users most of the time suffer from information overload disorder.
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All in all, change is good but only when the change creates some value for all of us and not for a handful.

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