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Microblogging seems to be the answer when people are on a go or especially when you are fighting against time to keep yourself active in social networking in real time. Now “need is the mother of invention” as people say. So Twitter Inc. came up with a concept called “Microblogging” with Twitter who’s tagline says it all – “What are you doing”. So updating to every second is possible. Now you can not only use IM or email but using mobile phone to update makes it Kooler (with capital K).

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Now some critics comment it as just a fad. But I have more than a doubt to that. Since the news broke about Google buying Jaiku few days back fortifies my belief that Microblogging is here to stay. So people are twitting at every instant they get including me. Now a marketer can definitely take advantage of it.

  1. For a prolific blogger, updating your viewers becomes very easy if you are on a move.
  2. Sharing information in a jiffy makes it more convenient for the users to get the message across.
  3. Twittermail can email you automatically to any replies of your Tweets from your followers. So sharing becomes hassle free.
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P.S. Oh if you are wondering about that 140 figure; its the number of characters you can type to tweet.

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