Have a look at the picture in the inset. What do you see? Now I know one thing for sure that what do you see the most. Its the Color “Red“. Now the adoration for the color red is expressed in many ways to your loved ones or to not so loved ones πŸ™

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Now some of the silly observations. Today in the afternoon while going through this logos, suddenly I realized that out of nearly 250+ famous brand logos here, approximately 110+ brands have the color red in some form or the other i.e. about 45%.

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Now what does it convey about the companies which make this logos or for that matter the customers that in some way consume, use or receive the service (lemme know if I have covered all aspects of the product usage attribute).

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Now some freebie takeaways from the brand logos above.

  • Red, Blue or White are often used in logos (especially in US) to project patriotic feelings.
  • Green is often used for products in the health segment foods.
  • Silver or Light Blue to reflect the diet food aspect.
  • More or less, all other brands showcases lower saturation and subdued tones primarily to communicate reliability,quality etc.
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Now all said and done, why whopping 45% of top brands showcase the color “Red” then? This took me to the depths of this so-called mystery (If I may say so). I tried my luck from human psychology to physics. So now this is what I got.

  • Color is one of the important aspect of brand recognition in this cluttered mass media frenzied world.
  • My high school physics says that color red has the highest wavelength. So what’s the fuss all about.
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Now staying away from my physics, it’s much more simple than that. Humans are very much attached to colors in some form. For example, try attaching colors to some emotions of yours. See how colors form a very distinct image in your mind. Now I spoke the word – “Mind”…I guess marketers have come to the picture…So color red with all the attributes will keep a distinct image in the mind of the customers. Though it should be always remembered that color should not be an integral constituent for logo design which may conflict with its functionality.

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So case closed and mystery solved πŸ™‚

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