While checking out some of the most famous viral campaigns, I found one of the most interesting snippet. Though FutureLab has covered the topic taking insights of Todd’s campaign on “We didn’t start the viral“, but for me I have a bit different take on it.

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First of all, one question that came into my mind is that does a company or an individual have to try to make it viral? Or it is vested in the hands of the target customers who somehow engage themselves to the viral message. Now for me I think that the latter one is more true than the former.

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Sometimes it may happen that the viral message may get lost in between because of target customers may not be the key influencers. So what do we do about it? Three things should always be kept in mind while spreading the message.

  1. Make your campaign more engagement oriented to increase (if not manifold) the “customer engagement dimension” (CED).
  2. The good old “Delight & Excite Strategy” in the viral campaign.
  3. Easing the spread of word medium for better viral
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