RSS (Really Simple Syndication)- For some it’s internet simplified and for some its just some crappy internet geeky term. Now trust me it’s not big a deal.Is it? Now some of those who are still unaware of the potential of RSS and its various apps, I have tried to simplify RSS. Now 10 questions about RSS for those inquisitive minds are-

    1. What is RSS?
    2. How does RSS work
    3. Who benefits from RSS?
    4. How do I use RSS?
    5. What can RSS help me do?
    6. Can I access RSS only through computer?
    7. What is RSS feed?
    8. Who publishes content in RSS?
    9. How do i “Subscribe” to a RSS?
    10. Is RSS substitute for an email?
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Check out this link to clarify your doubts.

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Now for a marketer (though I am not being biased towards marketers only), its really necessary to get updated about new information every second. So I guess this small little tool will definitely come in handy.

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