Yeah it’s official- ITC’s snack segment “Bingo” is a hit among the Indian consumers. Now the only reason I am writing this post is not only providing information about this specific product category but most importantly how Indian companies are going the digital way i.e. using digital interactive media as a crucial platform for new product promotion campaign in an easily prone commoditized Indian FMCG market.

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Initially during the launch phase, ITC didn’t target the product to any specific customer segment. But, by its name and its overall brand appeal, it can be easily understood that it was covertly targeted towards Indian urban youth. But ITC went one step ahead by promoting it’s biggest ever brand launch using digital interactive media by launching its first ever interactive website for its product category.

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Now I am great believer of Interactive medium for promotion. But still the million dollar question remained more in an elusive form i.e. Is Indian customer ready for it? Now I have posted an article on how “Mass Advertising is dead” nowadays, so Bingo doesn’t come as a surprise to me at least.

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So ITC’s foray into digital media promotion must have been an example to those skeptics that usage of innovative ways of bringing your customer closer to your brand effectively is the need of the hour.

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P.S. Excerpts from my personal experience of “Bingo” Brand launch.

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