Ever wondered about how much your single “googling” costs? Now the figure is something which most of us don’t mind spending in usual hoolahoo’s. But it’s a fact now. The cost of googling is 27 cents . Unbelievable is it!!

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Now the so called stats. According to ComScore research , people around the world searched about 67 billion times in a month (August 2007). Share of Google in that is about 37 billion individual searches. Now I am not a fin geek, but if we assume that the figure above is the average in a month, then about 444 billion searches are done in a year for Google. Now Google’s financial results shows that 2/3 of their revenues comes from search and rest is from other means (likes of adsense, adwords etc). Now the figures may get a bit hazier. Google’s valuation is $195 billion. Out of which (going by 2/3 principle of Google), i.e. about 64% is coming from searches i.e. about $124 billion. Now if you do some crappy calculations, then you will find that your each search is about 27 cents. Amazing!!

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So each time, you google something, you are actually adding 27 cents to Google’s valuation. (P.S.- Did you know that you can get all this calculations from google search too).

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Now some of the points which we may have forgotten in between.

  1. How much does Google incur to provide all these– I guess not much because of the fact that marginal cost will diminish every time.
  2. Remember Kevin Roberts – Now he’s the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi. He places Google in top rank of his concept called lovemarks i.e. Loyalty beyond reason. Now do I have to explain you further that where am I going.
  3. Noise of clicks– Now how about this: 31.5 million seconds of search clicks in a year i.e. about 14,000 searches every second @ 14 kilohertz. Yikes. Just think about the sound of all those clicks.
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Now lastly, since you will see more & more google ads in any webpage and infact in any of your own personal google pages, so not only google capitalized on searches but also from others. So I have only two words for Google- Keep running!!

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