Unilever does it again with its latest Dove’s promotional campaign. If we remember carefully, “Dove’s evolution” ad campaign; it was different from the rest of the traditional anti-aging campaign. Now they tried to break the myth by emphasizing that aging is natural. Time and again, skin care has become more of woman’s prerogative. Thats why, the anti-aging market is about $13 billion worldwide approximately.

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Now where’s the catch then? The catch is thin as a line actually. When the whole world in unison is after looking young and good, Dove’s strategy is to break the traditional myth of looking younger. Some may call it as just a fad. Actually there has been recent criticism from women alike whereas some have agreed that it comes as a breather.

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If we highlight it clearly, we will find one very interesting point i.e. skin care is about fighting back. But clearly dove’s recent “Onslaught” ad campaign also shows that women can do better than looking good- as I say “Glorifying the power of age”.

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But how much it will be taken in a positive manner is a debatable issue. Company’s “Pro-Age” campaign more or less captures the same imagination.

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Broadly speaking, Unilever’s implicit strategy is “women can look better without trying hard”. But some may say that it is an effort to pull back it’s market share by being different from its competitor’s like P&G , L’Oreal etc.

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All in all, what I feel from a marketer’s perspective is that Unilever has played the right card with 2 success formula i.e. right targeting & ingenious story telling.

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