I read an interesting article in CBSNews today.

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“Consider, though, what ‘boys will be boys’ thinking implies about the true nature of boys. The answers typically are astonishingly negative: Boys are messy, immature and selfish; hormone-driven and insensitive; irresponsible and trouble-making; rebellious, rude, aggressive and disrespectful — even violent, predatory and animal-like.”

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Now you must be thinking what the hell is the article’s piece doing in this blog. Now think about the last marketing snippet or an overt ad campaign you have seen. Do you find a fit in the words above (Bold words). More often than not, the campaigns are idiotically crafted to prove their points as if customers are going to buy their products after seeing those ads. I have only two words for them- “Come’on Dude”. It’s not working anymore. Customers know that you are marketing.

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So get out of that whole aura of “bossy marketing” thing. Feel the pulse of your customers. They don’t need your flashy & jazzy campaigns. They want something which will make them feel more than satisfied. Though I know loyalty won’t come by this means. But nowadays more and more companies are looking for that short terms gains in sales rather than long term truth. But marketers instead of being boyish can become a trusted friend and give customers a story to carry forward. Now I don’t think companies will lose much on this.

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Now how about this little Nike Story (link). See how loyalty can be earned.

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