Time and again, information in the web is a big deal, at least for all those marketers who want to be updated with the latest marketing news & trends since there is too much information clutter. Now after due searches in the web for all those sites, I have pulled 5 websites which stand out from the rest of the crowd. I have categorized the best into website and weblog.

1. MarketingProfs – This site pertains to marketing articles, online seminars, case studies, conferences etc.

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2.MarketingSherpa– This site pertains to practical case studies and marketing know-hows.

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3.WOMMA– This site is dedicated to word-of-mouth marketing means and ways.

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4.Advertising Age– The site is a dedicated portal to advertising and its latest trends.

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5.Trend Watching– Latest marketing trends and analysis.

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1.Rohit Bhargava– The blog is about marketing, PR and advertising strategies.

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2.Seth Godin– Insights of a prominent author and a blogger.

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3.FutureLabCustomer centric thoughts from the World’s Sharpest Minds in Marketing, Strategy, Innovation and Design.

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4.AdverBlogInteractive marketing and other great advertising ideas.

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5.Steve RubelBlog on how technology is revolutionizing media and marketing.

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Though this list is dynamic but these sites (in random order) gives a indepth picture of marketing evolving over time.

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