Right from my childhood I have been taught to say two words when something is given to me (I believe everyone has been taught the same two words) – “Thank you”. It is a sort of appreciation from our side. Now why am I saying all these things in my blog which pertains to marketing? Its not that I am getting nostalgic or something! It’s just that somehow I find a deep relation between personality and marketing.

Saying “Thank you” reflects your humble and modest personality. Now think how many times we say thank you- it’s as if we have forgotten it totally!!!

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Now Michael Rubin immaculately demystified the success of social media by those exact words. Infact earlier to that, Church of the Customer highlighted the point from a firm’s point of view. But what about marketing par se. I mean can’t we apply the same principle for traditional brick and mortar business model. I believe we sure can.

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So 3 principles which can make traditional marketing successful with two words (directly as well as indirectly) –

1. Since modern customers are sitting on a pile of information, so companies can’t dominate them. But definitely they can try being modest (another form of saying “Thank You”) by showcasing that customers are being given choices rather than companies alluring them by advertisements and crappy campaigns.
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2. When a customer puts something negative about the company in the complaint boxes, then take that in your stride and keep a note of it and try fixing it. It’s another way of saying “Thank You” indirectly or else sent a note to the customer saying “We heard you”.

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3. Another form of saying “Thank you” can be by showcasing those words on the product itself saying “Thank you for taking me”. This can give a good boost to those Word-of-Mouth fanatics.

Sesame Street clip where Ernie sings about “thank you”

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By all these, one of two things will happen for sure. Your customers will be empathetic towards you and did anyone mention about “Brand Loyalty”.

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