Mass advertising is dying. Just think in a 30 second slot of any prime time television programme, you try to showcase your product in the best possible way. But there is a small problem. Nowadays educated and experienced customer care less about commercials, ads, banners or any form of fancy wording which is forced upon them.

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So companies are trying to find new and innovative ways to woo the customers. As of now all the promotional measures didn’t do one thing i.e. they don’t necessarily introduce the product/brand to the customer. Though it is evidential that archaic means of advertising has given way to search based advertising or even word-of-mouth still something is missing in the whole picture.

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So I thought of adding a new concept where customer/consumer will have a first hand experience of the product by trying them out. Now its not that companies have not used this concept before but the efficacy is debatable. If we delve deep into the ineffectiveness of the type of advertising then we see one very distinct similarity i.e. companies just do it for the heck of doing it i.e. they take it as just another form of cheap promotion. Whereas it induces two-fold effect i.e. word-of-mouth as well as brand intimacy.

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For example, observe this when you visit a mall; you may see some sales guy showing a product in a jazzy way with free samples. Now how many of us recall the name of the brand with which we blissfully attached sometime back. Not many I guess!! So that’s where companies are missing it altogether. Companies should try to make a wholesome experience or more interactive for a customer when he is with the product. In that way brand recall won’t be a problem.

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So if we outline advertisement in a basic framework, this is the result:

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Simplicity + interactive + depth= Profitable advertisement

“What better way to test your Security Glass than by creating a display loaded with cash and telling people to kick. That’s exactly what 3M did”.
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