Companies spend millions of dollars in advertisements to woo customers endorse their product. But nowadays companies are engaging themselves in an activity called “Internal Marketing” in the form of word of mouth (WOM) advertisement.

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Companies believe that the employees can be the flag bearer of the company in terms of carrying the company’s name to the market and advertise with a positive connotation. This creates an aura of positive vibes about the company or the company’s product per se.

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But the processes have to be in place like aligning the current employees in tune with the company’s values. If the employees are a happy lot, they in turn will communicate positive WOM for the company which catapults the company’s profitability over the sustained period of time.

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So it can be said that companies should see that branding takes place at the root i.e. the employees as a viable option rather than spending millions on traditional advertisement for nothing but for a bunch of disloyal customers.

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