When the question comes to market a particular product to a set of people who are intelligent, tech savvy and have more information about “whats in and whats out”, so the work of marketers becomes all the more difficult it seems, primarily because too many things are in the market already and to make your product visible among so many other products, first of all, companies should try making their advertisements all the more interactive. Some of the advertisements are shown below who have captured the imagination of their customers in a very subtle and creative way.

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Note: Remember Hutch’s Catch Phrase- “Where you go, our network follows” with that small cute little dog following. So this ad captures that attachment in this interactive ad.

One thing about these sort of advertisements is that they were able to make their product visible among their competitors’ product. Now one argument can be that will these advertisements pull out moolah from the customers?

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My argument will be that yes they will. Since the value attached to these brands are quite tangible for the customers, so they won’t mind fishing money from their wallet.

One more aspect to interactive advertisements is that they have made customers a part of their promotional campaign.

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So at the end of the day customer likes when the decision to buy a product rests in his hands and not by the companies who by their usual coaxing and snazzy campaigns try to influence them as it may lead to short term buying of course but not a brand loyalist.

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