Indian social networking websites have got it late. You may ask what? Think Orkut™, Facebook™, MySpace™ etc which started off this revolution. One point is that they presumably started quite early i.e. more or less they have the 1st mover advantage.

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Now put the Indian internet biz conglomerate which caught on this revolution late in the frame. Still there could have been no problem if they were able to pull crowd. Now one problem which I very well figure out is if I have registered myself in one of those above sites, I find no reasons why I should get into another except for if there is any particular advantage which the newer sites can give me.

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So, the Indian social networking sites are trying out a new game plan. Below you can see one of the advertisements of a prominent Indian social networking site. It says “You control who sees your profile”. What comes in your mind when such a statement is thrown at you keeping in mind you are registered in Orkut, myspace etc?

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Yes, the writing is on the wall. I call it “Weak Link Marketing” but in bits and bytes because most of the international social networking sites don’t have this feature to control the viewership (though they are working on this feature like Facebook etc). But the million dollar question is that will it help them to get what they want i.e. precious loyal users.

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Basically, it boils down to three important features. One is simplicity in navigation of the sites, second is usability of the interfaces and third is giving it an Indian touch.

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So these short term marketing means may not help them as such because in cyberspace loyalty is a derivative of simplicity and usability for the users.

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