Just think for a while- Wouldn’t you love seeing those chirpy, sexy, funny advertisements again and again. Now for all those who have risen their hands, there’s a great news again (though this is not the first time it ever happened).

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Firebrand came up with a concept which says “Advertisement as Content”. Now think MTV showcasing music videos. Thats what Firebrand is going to do with showcasing advertisements. Now where’s the catch you may ask- Actually you can view it in three different yet the most influential media platforms of the 21st century i.e. television, mobile and the ubiquitous internet simultaneously.

Watch the promotional video in YouTube
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Now another point I want to note here is that Youtube is full of videos in the web giving marketers yet another chance to spread the message. But this time, Firebrand is only dedicated to viewers who are sick and tired of all those boring sitcoms and sometimes wish when is the next advertisement breaks gonna come. And thats where I think Firebrand has a good chance because it will be showcasing some of the best creative advertisements of all times.

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The video below displays how Firebrand with its high-tech interactivity will work on all the three platforms.

Though the internet is buzzing with prominent bloggers like Rohit Bhargava, Joseph Jaffe taking their own call for this revolution but for me as an ardent interactive marketing and advertisement onlooker, I have many reasons to smile. I hope to post some fresh insights about Firebrand in the near future.

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Official Launch: 22nd October
Reference Note: Firebrand’s Press Release
Official Website: www.firebrandtv.com

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