Check out the codes (damn little html codes) which websites or bloggers use to keep a check on the number of users visiting their sites!! There are hell lot of sites like sitemeter, google analytics etc providing this service. But there’s a problem in it. Though not that evident as of now but slowly and steadily it will pose as a problem especially for the internet advertisers.

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Already speculations point out that internet advertising will surpass the traditional media advertising like newspapers.To be exact spending in internet advertising will reach $61.98 billion, and will surpass newspapers to become the US’s leading ad medium in 2011. And I don’t think India will be far behind as already companies are looking for a new channel to augment their promotional activities.

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Now why I am saying all these these? Actually while I was checking my viewership in two of the best viewer(user) trackers, I was astounded by the difference of viewership in two viewer tracking sites. The difference was about 60%. Now I especially don’t have any problem with it as long it shows the viewlist. But think about the internet advertisers. If they presumably invest in a site whose actual viewership is not what it shows i.e. far less than the actual then they are just wasting their money on wrong information. Though if it is more than expected then there is no problem but still the aura of uncertainty prevails.

So what can be the possible solution? What I feel is that before investing for any website, companies should have data from all the possible sources. At least this way they can understand where does the website stand. And in case of major discrepancies companies can pull out.

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So until a major geek comes out with a phenomenal website tracker which solves all the problem, the problem of accurate viewership will continue.

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