Time and again research has shown that women speak more words per day than an average male. Now most of the time it leads to gossip which is their forte (pun intended). Now the question is how a marketer like me comes in picture with this inherent female characteristic.

Take this for instance. “Word of mouth” marketing’s basic structure depends on people talking or discussing amongst themselves which is another form of gossiping (both with positive and negative connotation). So I guess by now the exuberant marketers’ eyes are well lit with this notion where women can be used for effective Word of Mouth marketing because they have an inherent trait of information sharing than their counterpart’s i.e. males.

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But the most difficult part is the link between the product or its characteristics and why women would discuss about it.

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If someday I am able to crack this puzzle then surely, I am opening an interactive social media advertising firm with due importance to women.

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P.S. This post is in no way demeaning women in any way or form.

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