We all know that Brand exists in the mind of the customers. It is the customers who make or break a brand. So it is imperative to understand the parameters which affect the customers to endorse a product and take the product to its zenith i.e. Brand status.

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Some of the important parameters to assess a brand are:-

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1. Visibility (on roads, showrooms, shelf etc).

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2. Media Presence (TV, print, outdoor etc).

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3. Advertisement Likeability (customers understanding the ad message).

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4. Sales/Market share captured (as Late adopters or Laggards go by this rule).

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5. Parent Company (Customers’ belief in the parent company).

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6. Benchmarking with other similar brands.

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These six pointers may act as a framework to develop a brand; and due importance to any of the pointers depends on the market it will be catered.

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