Orkut™ is an internet social network service which is run by Google™. It came into existence in January 2004. Now it won’t be wrong to state here that it was one of the first successful endeavor of Google™ to enter into uncharted territories of web 2.0 with this new business model where users were given more authority. Now this post obviously won’t talk about Orkut™ or how it came into existence. It will deal with more subtle yet relevant argument about how consumers are making or breaking a brand or a product per se.

As a precursor of web 2.0 which started off this revolution, it has been innovating quite a few things. Initially started off as a web tool to meet new friends and maintain existing ones. Now they have taken it a step further. Lately it came up with linking blog with Orkut™. Now this is where Google™ does it the best.

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I will give some hints about the future of networking, at least for Orkut™. Google™ repertoire has Google™ adwords (internet advertisements), Google™ search engine, iGoogle™, Google™ videos, Google™ blog etc. Now even I don’t know how many products Google™ has? But I know one thing for sure that they are all free of cost for the users. Now can anyone give me one good reason why shouldn’t the users love it?

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Now think about Google™ coming out with something like open source operating system (OS)? I guess Microsoft techies are watching this space. Now Google™ is trying to keep its users restricted to its own sites by providing everything for free and that too with innovative services.

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Now if more and more users are hooked into Orkut™ (remember human beings are social animal), I don’t think anyone will have any problems in endorsing Google™ products for that matter, since it comes for free.

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Also users just love it. Lately Orkut™ was chosen as the Youth Icon of the year 2007 in a contest sponsored by MTV India and Pepsi. Who would have thought like that? It’s not Abhishek Bachhan or Sachin Tendulkar or any other individual. It’s an intangible social networking website. Now, marketers talk about branding. How about this one? Users rated Orkut™ as Numero Uno. Are we marketers getting some cues about future of branding?

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