First of all, I don’t have to say what “Blog” is. We all are learned people and come amongst the educated lot, right? But how many of us have thought Blogs as a medium of learning marketing (may be I am being too bold about it?).

Still I will try to substantiate on it.

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As a management student, time and again we were taught marketing strategies; how to comprehend customer’s perception and fiddle (pun intended) with it to make the most out of it. Taking the perspective from the time of Henry Fords to Steve Jobs, we have seen how business models have changed over the years from “Production Era” to “Customer is our Partner”. So has marketing; as it has evolved over the period of time.

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For example, when I started writing this blog, I just wanted to share my thoughts with people across the world (and thanks to Google for giving me this platform). Then the vital elemental question arose.

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· Whom am I sharing with?
· How can I have more people watch my blog?

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All these questions took me from “what I want to give (show)” to “what they want to buy (see)”. Now these two questions in a way exemplify how marketing has shifted!

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Now for a modern marketer understanding these two basic questions will do wonders. Isn’t it? This is the crux of the whole topic where blogging has helped me to understand (though in a micro scale) how to sell (show) your product (blog) when your customers (viewers) are demanding and to some extent like a baby! So treating my viewer as my baby, I am still trying to understand “www effect (what, when & where)” aspect of any product (in this case it’s a ‘Blog’).

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