India: the land of a billion people, the land of inherent paradoxes, the land of diversity in every possible imaginable way: the mammoth who has finally risen from its slumber.

I can’t help thinking that where we are heading? Are we heading towards a bastion of young, talented, energetic population driving our economy? If this is the case then I am one of those lucky few who will be dubbed as the “Flag Bearer” of this flamboyant economy.

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But is this the true case? Think twice (if not more) before answering that?

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Noted economists say “True Bharat” resides in places far away from high rise, plush apartments of the cities termed as urbane (urban) population (not that I have a personal grudge against people living in cities). On top of that, management thinkers like C.K.Prahlad with his BOP (Bottom of Pyramid) concept has very articulately convinced the big biz conglomerate to tap these virgin markets with its business tactics (no pun intended). Is this complete mockery of our economic policies which was not able to uplift these masses for the last 60 years?

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In this context, still our primary leverage comes from urban population who earns and pays taxes, so on and so forth.

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Basically if I delve deep into the driving factors of our economy after 60 glorious years of independence (again no pun intended), then I can’t help thinking of a

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“bullock cart pulled by incongruent political parties (as bullocks) and the very wheels being the CREDIT CARD ECONOMY at one side & SACHET ECONOMY at the other”.

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Now guess who can be the person driving the bullock cart? Now its upto the reader’s imagination to think who it can be?

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The metaphor to this theatrical outlook is that though the two parallel economies (in form of the wheels) look at each other from a distance, still the gap cannot be reduced. But as educated minds we should argue that is it possible to make the two wheels similar upto some extent so that some sort of stability can be attained. Yes it can I say!!

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One of the probable solutions can be efficient and effective utilization of resources and proper distribution of it.

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N.B. – The author is not biased.

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